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I've been working on a Zelos/Sheena shrine for a while now, and I'm looking for fanart, fanfiction, and graphics to host on my shrine!

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I'm also looking for affiliates and people to link! ♥ Just tell me if you'd like to do that - I don't have anyone right now. XD; For affiliating, all I require is that your site is a shrine. No personal websites, please. ;;

And, on a somewhat random note, does anyone know of a site that has all of the skits in the game typed up? ;; Part of the shrine includes the skits they're in, and I'm getting really tired of trying to write them all down. ;;; I have to start the skit, take pictures of the screen, probably have to restart the skit a million times to get all the dialogue, then copy down what's on my camera... it takes forever. D: Thanks in advance.

Also, I'm looking for in game screenshots as well. :X; I know there's some sites that have quite a few, but if you guys know of any that allow for use on shrines/other sites, that would be awesome. ♥ If I could take screenshots myself, I'd do that...

I probably won't have the shrine up for a little while yet - since I need to get a host, gather up some more things for it, and do some more work on it - but don't worry. I'll get it up eventually. XD *hit*

Anyway, thanks to everyone in advance! ♥
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Fanfiction; Selfish.

Title: Selfish
Genre: Angst/AU
Spoilers: None really...Unless you don't know anything about Zelos and Sheena then a little.
Rating: G
Synopsis: This is the goodbye Zelos and Sheena had before they went their separate ways.
Comments: This is set pre-game and is AU. This is my first Sheelos fic ever so hopefully I got the characterization right D< please be gentle XD

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